Black Pool (2018) recorded the experience of staying in the dockside hotel during my Christmas trip in Liverpool. It explored the relationship between surroundings and subconsciousness and the impact of historical residuals on mind. Subconsciousness, dream and reality intertwined with each other in the video, which portrayed my sense of isolation in that certain period. In addition, the video tested more forms of expression by combining moving and still images.

After the music festival(2017)was photographed in an empty music festival park at night. Nobody was in the scene but traces of people were still perceptible. For me, photographing is another way to get close to the crowd and the environment.

Watchmen (2017) was taken near the Stone Bridge in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, China. The Stone Bridge was once the landmark and transportation hub of Shijiazhuang. It witnessed the prosperity of the city and many revolutionary deeds. The Stone Bridge is abandoned now and the place nearby is desolate. There is only a medical clothing store facing the Stone Bridge, which is still open. A row of worn-out models dressed in medical uniforms were standing opposite the bridge.

Hypoglycemia (2013) documented my thoughts from the perspective of women in the form of self-portraits. It depicts the vulnerability and the unbearable lightness in love relationships. A woman always wants to bear all burdens of a man. However, there were so many “her” who have done the same things and even in the same positions by his side. In this series, I acted as different female roles that appeared in his life. Similar storylines repeated in love make us fall into a “light” world.